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Kunshan headquarters: Room 503-511, Building A, No. 18 Modern Square, Weiye Rd., Development Zone, Kunshan

Sales Representative: Luo Wenchu
Mobile: 189-2345-1288
Consultant of customization design technology: Mr. Chen
Tel: 186-1117-6548 

Company profile
• Founded in 2008, Brigates Microelectronic Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company developing and selling image sensor chips, with 85 employees now, including 7 doctors and 32 masters. Focused on development of high-end image sensor chip, the company has branches in Shanghai and Shenzhen and a product R&D center in Tianjin.

• With many independently developed pixel design, circuit design and image and processing technologies, Brigates provides various CMOS image sensors leading in the world, which have hypersensitivity, wide dynamic range as well as extremely low fixed pattern noise, and good compatibility with other products.

• The MCCD technology invented by Brigates is a major innovation of image sensor technology, which synthesizes advantages of CCD and CMOS and improves photosensitivity exponentially.

• Brigates' products have high cost performance, with application areas of video monitoring, HCI, industrial monitoring and other professional application areas. The products include series area array and linear array CMOS image sensor. Besides, customization of CMOS image sensor and diversified IC custom design are available.
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