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Kunshan headquarters: Room 503-511, Building A, No. 18 Modern Square, Weiye Rd., Development Zone, Kunshan

Sales Representative: Luo Wenchu
Mobile: 189-2345-1288
Consultant of customization design technology: Mr. Chen
Tel: 186-1117-6548 

Core team
Doctor Luo Wenzhe

•  An expert in integrated circuit design, having been selected into state specially invited experts in "Plan of a thousand persons" and "State millions of talents in the new century".
•  Graduated from Beijing University in 1988, graduated from Chinese Academy of Sciences with a master's degreee in 1991, graduated from Tsinghua University with a doctor's degree, a postdoctor from Canada.
•  During 1996-2002, senior researcher in American Bell laboratory, awarded the title of "Outstanding researcher" in 2001. 
•  During 2002-2007, technology director in technology department of SMC to be responsible for R&D of analogous circuit and memory IP, led to initiate a series of high-performance and low-consumption silicon intellectual property modules; altogether obtained 82 patents of invention, 42 of which are American ones, and many are important inventions in this domain; inventor of MCCD technology.  

Doctor Cao Qinghong

•  An expert in digital integrated circuit and image signal processing.
•  Graduated from Tsinghua University in 1989, graduated from American Lehigh University with a doctor's degree in 1996. 
•  1996-2000 senior researcher in Bell laboratory to develop digital and image signal processor, pacesetter for project of 16 bit DSP processor.

   Excelling in image processing techniques,having participated informulation of international standard for mpeg4 image coding and decoding.

 •  2000-2004 participated in founding webcast image signal processing company.   

 •  2005-2006 developed image sensor test chip in SMC.  

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