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Kunshan headquarters: Room 503-511, Building A, No. 18 Modern Square, Weiye Rd., Development Zone, Kunshan

Sales Representative: Luo Wenchu
Mobile: 189-2345-1288
Consultant of customization design technology: Mr. Chen
Tel: 186-1117-6548 

Technology projects
1.State Innovation Fund for Minor Enterprises
2.Jiangsu Technology Support Plan-Industrial Part
3.Workstation for Academician in Jiangsu Enterprises
4.Special Development Project for Provincial-Level Modern Service Industry(Software Industry)in 2010
5.Project of Private Technology Enterprises(Technology Innovation)
6.Cooperation Project of Production, Study and Research
7.Kunshan Technology Cultivation Plan
8.Kunshan Technology Development Plan
9.Technological Innovation Development Fund in Development Area 
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